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Proud Logistics Partners

After 4 years working together, Holloway Logistics and Transport is proud to be Good Design Awards logistics again in 2019! 

Good Design Awards is an international design promotion award managing Australia’s Good Design Awards in Sydney and they have worked with Holloway Logistics and Transport for several years now. One of the oldest and most prestigious design awards in the world, Good Design Awards believe in promoting design that help create a better, more prosperous future for the planet.

ClientGood Design Awards
ScopeTransportation, Warehouse

The process

Good Design Awards receives and judges hundreds of contestant’s design and prototypes, but of course, can’t receive and store all those items themselves until it’s time to display them to the public.

That’s where Holloway Logistics’ expertise shine. Highly flexible, we receive the goods in our warehouse in Wolli Creek, scan each item and store them according to their categories. Once it’s time to display them in the Fox Studio Entertainment Quarter, we deliver the goods for judging.

Once judging is over, we take back all the goods and distribute them back to their creators, by different means. 

Being highly flexible was an important point for Good Design Awards, as their process is always evolving, and having a partner being able to adapt rapidly was indispensable. 

Depending on the demand, we also help Good Design Awards set up their tables and exhibitions. 


Being flexible, able to adapt on demand and careful handling of fragile prototypes was a requirement to handle Good Design Award logistics.

Holloway Logistics and Transport is equipped to work on short notice changes and customizable solutions for each of their partner. 

Handling such a task wouldn’t be possible without our trained expertise, 10 years experience in the warehouse and logistics industry and new warehouse space in Wolli Creek. 



Being logistics partner with Good Design Awards involves:

  • Receiving goods in our warehouse
  • Tracking and storing all the goods accordingly
  • Delivering all the items and prototypes to the exposition center
  • Delivering all the goods back to our Warehouse and back to their original owner

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